TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA is one of the first choices of those who like luxury watches and those who love sports activities and look for comfortable watches. Those who use the TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA have the luxury to maximize their comfort in everyday life. This watch model, inspired by the NBA, is sold with different watchband options. If you buy the red and black watchband, you can create a very sporty look. Moreover, if you buy a brown leather watch, you can create an extremely stylish and classic style. With the TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA watch band straps options, you can redesign the aging look of your watches. If you create this style, you will create a highly aesthetic look for your own style with a Swiss-style.

As Dismay, we try to provide you with the most luxurious look with our highly aesthetic high-quality watchband models made of thin leather. So, you may get bored with the classic style of your watch or when the watch’s band starts to wear. With strap models, you don’t have to throw your watch. In this way, you will be able to use your watch with its perfect appearance for longer years.

General Information About TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA

The original watch strap size of the TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA watch models is 22 mm. In addition, if you want to take advantage of TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA replaceable watch strap options, do not forget to choose the 22mm model if you want your watch and watch band to fit 100 percent.


TISSOT CHRONO XL NBA is a watch produced in the framework of a private collection and weighs only 80 grams. Moreover, almost half the weight of other classic watch models, this watch will provide you with excellent comfort in everyday life. In addition, your watch is 100% resistant to water pressure and contact with water. Furthermore, your watch, which is water-resistant up to 10 bar, will enable you to use this watch everywhere in everyday life.

Your watch, which has a 316L stainless steel case with black PVD coating, has a case length of 45mm. Also, you can see the NBA motif on the back case of the watch has an embroidered back cover. Moreover, the case, which has a thickness of 11 mm, has a round shape.

The caliber diameter of the watch, which has a swiss quartz watch mechanism, is 29.8. The battery type of your watch is extremely high quality and Renata is 394. In addition, Quartz and EOL energy are available in the system. In addition, the 13 1/4 ” caliber system is on your watch.

Watch Strap by Dismay

As Dismay, we design the Blue Leather Watch Band Strap for you. So, you can buy your 22mm watch right away by clicking here.

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