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Tissot T171186A Watch Band Strap Size

Tissot T171186A Watch Band Strap varieties are used for the TISSOT PRC 200, which is often preferred by individuals with a sports style. Moreover, the number of watch models included in the Tissot PRC 200 family is quite large. Individuals who love luxury watches are starting to prefer new watch bands in order to renew the obsolete look of their watches used for many years. These watchband types will adapt to the luxury and impressive look of your watch, as they are made of quality leather. In this way, you will not spoil the authenticity of your watch.

Tissot T171186A is actually a watch band strap code. So,you can use the watch band types that have this code with your Tissot PRC 200 coded watches. Of course, it is really important to choose the right mm in order to achieve a 100 percent fit appearance in watch band types. So, how to determine Tissot PRC 200 watch strap size? For your Tissot PRC 200 model watches, you should choose 19mm watch strap options.

General Information About Tissot PRC 200

Tissot T171186A Watch Band

Let’s take a brief look at the general features of the Tissot PRC 200 model watches. These watch models are water resistant. In this way, you can use this watch in any areas you want without any worries. Its water resistant limit is 20 bar. 20 bar corresponds to approximately 200 m / 660 ft.

Combining classic style with sports style, this watch model weighs 149 grams. Furthermore, the extremely light watch will make you do your daily activities very easily. This watch, which has a 42 mm case width, has a 316L stainless steel case. Also, the watch’s case length is known as 41 mm. Since it has a thin structure, your watch will integrate perfectly with your wrist. The case is only 12 mm thick. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal material is one of the materials used to make the watch and adds a stylish and elegant air to the watch. Moreover, the watch, which has 13 1/4 ” caliber feature, has a Renata 394 type battery.

Do not forget to choose 19 mm ones among Tissot T171186A models. In this way, you will place the watch strap very easily on your watch and you can use it immediately.

Tissot T171186A Watch Band Strap

Tissot T171186A Watch Band Strap model, which is made of high-quality leather texture, is produced in black color. Furthermore, stainless steel buckle is used on the watch strap to ensure full harmony with the texture of the watch. Also, as Dismay, the watch bands we produce with high quality have a thickness of 2.0 ~ 4.0mm approx. In addition, the length of the watch strap is 115/70, which is determined by the original watch sizes.

How To Install Watch Band To Your Watch?

So, here is a detailed video for you to install your watch strap to your Tissot PRC 200:

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