Tag Heuer Watch Straps

Replacement Tag Heuer Watch Bands Strap Leather. Watch Bands for Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Monaco with deployment buckle clasp. Blue, Black, Brown, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm.


Tag Heuer Watch Strap Replacement

When you choose Tag Heuer, one of the top timepiece brands in the world, you expect accuracy and style every day. As these are the type of watches that last a lifetime, you will need replacement watch band straps along the way. First of all, these stylish bands keep the watch looking sleek and new. Furthermore, they allow you to customize your best accessory to your wardrobe and personal tastes.

The replacement process for a Tag Heuer watch band does not require precision knowledge of timepiece construction or maintenance. Whether you have one with a classic buckle design or a deployment clasp buckle, consider doing the job yourself. Of course, you can also take your expensive timepiece to a skills watchmaker with a new strap purchased here.

The Many Styles of Tag Heuer Watch Straps

Men who purchase Tag Heuer timepieces understand quality. The brand itself started in Switzerland, a country synonymous with watch accuracy and style, in 1860. Since then, the models have certainly changed quite a bit. The brand regularly updates its traditional styles and releases new designs to a discerning audience.

The modern Tag Heuer line contains some of the most sought after and appreciated watches in the world. When you see a man with one of their models on his wrist, you understand he is a success. Likewise, you may pay extra attention to the watch band. Is it worn? Does it look like a cheap replacement?

That is the last thing you want when you invest in a premium quality watch from Tag Heuer. Consider the different watch strap styles that suit the most popular varieties.


The Carrera models of Tag Heuer chronographs have unique styles that blend high-tech features with a powerful presence. They were originally inspired by motor racing sports. They have bold faces with multiple precision dials showing date, time, and a stopwatch on most models. While some have sleek, monotone faces, others impress with multi-colored metal and exposed hardware.

What type of replacement watch band would suit Carrera Tag Heuer watches? Dimensional leather is always a classic option for prestige timepieces like this. Some varieties are black, blue, gold, or silver, which gives you many options for band color. Black suits any. Blue adds a splash of professional interest, especially for the blue-faced watches. Brown warms the classic gold faces and suits the more rugged styles.


The Calibre Tag Heuer models focus on sophistication and classic appearances. Although some have multiple dials for various date and time formats, others have smooth watch faces punctuated by fine metal marks and hands.

If you want to replace the band on your Calibre watch, choose stylish leather to accent the elegant look. Furthermore, leather in your chosen color accentuates the stunning precision of style on all of these Tag Heuer watches.

Monaco 16 and Monaco 17

The unique square shape of the watch face on the Monaco model Tag Heuer watches sets you apart from the crowd when you strap it to your wrist. The name of this model comes directly from the Monaco Grand Prix and first appeared on the market in 1969. If you are lucky enough to have one of these sought-after watches, you may need a replacement watch band by now.

The 16 and 17 represent reimaginings of the original design that do not fail to deliver the same custom style that sets it apart from the rest. When replacing the watch band, only choose the best fit for the best, most original appearance.

When it comes to such an iconic timepiece, you cannot skimp on quality or appearance when switching out for a new strap. Quality leather is an absolute must. Traditionally, the Monaco had a black band. You may want to try brown or even blue for an updated look.

Genuine Leather for a Classic Timepiece Look

Spruce up your Carrera, Calibre, or Monaco 16 and Monaco 17 model watches with a new strap in genuine leather. These classic styles accentuate the well-designed attraction of the Tag Heuer watch faces you choose. For such a valuable watch, nothing beats the look and feel of leather.

Therefore, Dismay carries only the best quality leather replacement watch band straps. They come in sophisticated shades of black, rich brown, and stately dark blue. Want to show off your own unique style? Consider a black carbon fiber band with bold red stitching.

Fitting Your Tag Heuer Deployment Clasp Buckle

For timepieces with the classic steel deployment clasp buckle, take special care to get a new strap that fits. Although the original classic was 18mm wide, other models come with 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, and 22mm widths.

Before purchasing a replacement band for your watch models, check the engraved measurement details on the clasp itself. The common model numbers for deployment clasps include FC5030, FC5014, and FC6171. Likewise, you can measure the distance between the lugs at the side of the watch face assembly. When choosing the right band, product descriptions could refer to this as the lug width. Of course, you need to buy a strap that fits neatly into this space.

Tag Heuer timepieces remain one of the most popular and sought-after brands in the world. When you invest in a quality watch from their line, you want to keep it looking and feeling its best forever. Replacement watch bands not only refresh the appearance but also offer a chance to personalize with a new color or material.

As a result, you get your own custom Tag Heuer that suits your unique style, shows off the quality of this classic brand, and feels comfortable on your wrist all day long.

Please see Tag Heuer model numbers list below for 19mm straps.

CBE2110.FC8226 WAR211A.FC6180. WAR211B.FC6181 WAS2112.FC6181. WAR215D.FC6181 WAS2111.FC6181. WAS2112.FC6181 WAR211B.BA​0782. WAR211B.BA​0782 CV2110, WV211 CV2110 CV2013 WV2115. WV2116 FC5014 CV2​110 WV2115 CV2010 WV211B CV2116 WV2110 WV211B, CH1110, CH1111, CH1112, CH1113, CH1114, CH1115, CH1116, CH1117, CH1118, CH1119, CH1150, CH1151, CH1152, CH1153, CH5110, CH5111, CH5112, CH5113, CH5114, CH5150CH5152, WH1111, WH1112, WH1113, WH1114, WH1115, WH1116, WH1117, WH1118, WH1119, WH1151, WH1152, WH1153, WH514, WH5111, WH5112, WH5113, WH5114, WH5115, WH5116,

Please see Tag Heuer model numbers list below for 20mm straps.

WAR201C.FC6266 CAR2110.FC6266.  WAR201A.FC6266  CAR2111.FC6291  WAR201B.FC6291, WAY211A. CAF1111, CV2013 , CV2014, WAP1112.BA​0831, CAU1110, CAC1111-1. WK-1110, WK-1212, WAV511B.FC​6230, WAY211C, CAU1110, CAH1111, WAH1111, WK1110-1, WF1110, WK1112-0, CAF2010, WAY111Z, WAH1110.BA​0858, CAF101E, WAY1110, WAY201A, CAF1112, WA​B2011, F1CAC1110, XG1337. , BT0710, CV2013, CAK211A, CV2010, CV2013, CV2014 BT0714 CAC111 BT0714 CAH11 BT0714 CAU111 BT0714 WAC111 BT0714 WAH111 BT0714 WAU111 BT0714 WAZ111, WK1113.BA0311, WAZ1110.FT8023, WAZ2113.FT8023. CAZ2011.FT8024,CV201C, CV201AE, CV201AG, CV2010, CV2011, CV2012, CV2013, CV2014, CV2015, CV2016, CV2017, CAR2110, CAR2111, CAR2112, CAS2110, CAS2111, CAS2112, CAS2150, WI1110, WI1111, WI1150, WI1151, WI2110, WI2111, WI2150, WI2152, CR2110, CR2111, CR2112, CR2113, CR2114, CR5110, CR5111, CR5112, CR5113, CR514, WR2111, CV201C, CV201AE, CV201AG, CV2010, CV2011, CV2012, CV2013, CV2014, CV2015, CV2016, CV2017, CAR2110, CAR2111, CAR2112, CAS2110, CAS2111, CAS2112, CAS2150,

Please see Tag Heuer model numbers list below for 22mm straps.

BT0717, BT0718, WAH1010, WAH1011. CAW2111.FC​618, CV2A12, CAW211C, FC6241, CW2113-0. CV2A10. CAW2111, CW​2113, CV2A10.FC5014. CV2A10, CAW2111.FC​6183, WV2115, WV211A, WV2116, WV211A, CAW2111.FC​6183, WAV5111. BT0714 CAC111 BT0714 CAH11 BT0714. CAU111 BT0714 WAC111 BT0714 WAH111 BT0714 WAU111 BT0714 WAZ111. CAW211R.FC6401 , CAW211P.FC6356 , CAW2111.FC6183. CW2113, CAW2111.FT6005 , CAW2111 FT6021. WAW131A.FC6177, CAW211P.FC6356, CAW211P.FC6356, CAW2111.FC6183., CW2110, CW2111, CW2112, CW2113, CW2114, CW2115, CW2116, CW2117, CW2118, CW2119, CAW211, CAW211A, AW211B, CAW211C, CAW211D, CAW211M, CAW211N, CAW2110, CAW2111, CAW2113, CAW2114, CAW2115, CAW2116, AW2117, CAW2118, CAW2119, WW2110, WW2111, WW2112, WW2113, WW2114, WW2115, WW2116, W2117, WW2118, WW2119, WAW1310, WAW1313, WAW1314, WAW1315, WAW1318, WAW1319, WAW2170, WAW2080, WAW2081, CV2A10, V2A11, CV2A12, CV2A17, CV2A1F, CV2A1J, CV2A1X, CV2A80, CV7A10, CV7A11, CV7A12, CAR2A10, CAR2012, AR2013, CAR2014, CAR2B11, CAR2B80, CAV511A, CAV511B, CAV511E, CAV511G, CAV514B, CAV514C, CAV515B, CAV515C, CAV518B, CAV518H, CAV5115, CAV5185, WAV5111, WAV5112, WAV5113, CX2110,CX2111,CX2112,CX2113, CAR2015, CV2A10, CV2A11, CV2A12, CV2A17, CV2A1F, CV2A1J, CV2A1X, CV2A80, CV7A10, CV7A11, CV7A12, CAR2A10, CAR2012, CAR2013, CAR2014, CAR2B11, CAR2B80, CAV511A, CAV511BCAV511E, CAV511G, CAV514B, CAV514C, CAV515B, CAV515C, CAV518B, CAV518H, CAV5115, CAV5185, WAV5111, WAV5112, WAV5113