Dismay Replacement Leather Watch Band Strap with Deployant Buckle 19-20-22mm


Dismay Replacement Leather Watch Band Strap with Deployant Buckle 19-20-22mm

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Alligator Embossed Leather Replacement Watch Band Strap Bracelet. Tag Heuer Carrera, Calibre, Monaco FC6181.

Band Color : Selected Color Black – Brown – Blue.

 Buckle : Stainless Steel Buckle.

Band Lug Width: Selected Size 19mm , 20mm and 22mm.

 Thickness : 2.0~4.0mm approx.

Band Length :120 mm / 75 mm.

 100% Fit Product.

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Tag Heuer Leather Watch Bands

Let’s say you’re looking for a new look for your favorite Tag Heuer. You would most likely prefer a leather watch strap made specifically for that model. Dismay sells straps made exclusively for certain watch models, which even have colors that complement the watch dial! That’s the custom straps sold directly through the watch manufacturers can cost an exorbitant amount. In fact, a replacement alligator leather band from Tag Heuer Watch Bands can cost upwards of $500! But, our hand-made alligator embossed leather straps are nearly 95% less expensive. We offer an incredible level of finishing and quality. Dismay straps customized to fit your Carrera Calibre precisely without sacrificing look or comfort.

Now most leather watch straps feature traditional tang buckles. While we do sell a large selection of traditional clasps, we also offer an impressively engineer deployment clasp for many of our models! A deployment clasp is an excellent way to add a premium look to your timepiece and strap. Above all, secure your watch with the press of a button with your new strap and deployment clasp from Dismay! While you shop for your new replacement leather watch band, you can rest assured that your purchase is backed by our 100% money back guarantee and free shipping and returns. We stand by each and every one of our products and we strive to make your watch strap shopping experience the best it can be.

Please see Tag Heuer model numbers list below for 19mm straps.

CBE2110.FC8226 WAR211A.FC6180 WAR211B.FC6181 WAS2112.FC6181 WAR215D.FC6181 WAS2111.FC6181 WAS2112.FC6181 WAR211B.BA​0782 WAR211B.BA​0782 CV2110
WV211 CV2110 CV2013 WV2115 WV2116 FC5014 CV2​110 WV2115 CV2010 WV211B CV2116 WV2110 WV211B, CH1110, CH1111, CH1112, CH1113, CH1114, CH1115, CH1116, CH1117, CH1118, CH1119, CH1150, CH1151, CH1152, CH1153, CH5110, CH5111, CH5112, CH5113, CH5114, CH5150CH5152, WH1111, WH1112, WH1113, WH1114, WH1115, WH1116, WH1117, WH1118, WH1119, WH1151, WH1152, WH1153, WH514, WH5111, WH5112, WH5113, WH5114, WH5115, WH5116

Please see Tag Heuer model numbers list below for 20mm straps.

WAR201C.FC6266 CAR2110.FC6266  WAR201A.FC6266  CAR2111.FC6291  WAR201B.FC6291, WAY211A, CAF1111, CV2013 , CV2014, WAP1112.BA​0831, CAU1110, CAC1111-1, WK-1110, WK-1212, WAV511B.FC​6230, WAY211C, CAU1110, CAH1111, WAH1111, WK1110-1, WF1110, WK1112-0, CAF2010, WAY111Z, WAH1110.BA​0858, CAF101E, WAY1110, WAY201A, CAF1112, WA​B2011, F1CAC1110, XG1337. , BT0710, CV2013, CAK211A, CV2010, CV2013, CV2014 BT0714 CAC111 BT0714 CAH11 BT0714 CAU111 BT0714 WAC111 BT0714 WAH111 BT0714 WAU111 BT0714 WAZ111, WK1113.BA0311, WAZ1110.FT8023, WAZ2113.FT8023, CAZ2011.FT8024, CR2110, CR2111, CR2112, CR2113, CR2114, CR5110, CR5111, CR5112, CR5113, CR514, WR2111, CV201C, CV201AE, CV201AG, CV2010, CV2011, CV2012, CV2013, CV2014, CV2015, CV2016, CV2017, CAR2110, CAR2111, CAR2112, CAS2110, CAS2111, CAS2112, CAS2150

Please see Tag Heuer model numbers list below for 22mm straps.

BT0717, BT0718, WAH1010, WAH1011, CAW2111.FC​618, CV2A12, CAW211C, FC6241, CW2113-0, CV2A10, CAW2111, CW​2113, CV2A10.FC5014, CV2A10, CAW2111.FC​6183, WV2115, WV211A, WV2116, WV211A, CAW2111.FC​6183, WAV5111, BT0714 CAC111 BT0714 CAH11 BT0714 CAU111 BT0714 WAC111 BT0714 WAH111 BT0714 WAU111 BT0714 WAZ111. CAW211R.FC6401 , CAW211P.FC6356 , CAW2111.FC6183, CW2113, CAW2111.FT6005 , CAW2111 FT6021. WAW131A.FC6177, CAW211P.FC6356, CAW211P.FC6356, CAW2111.FC6183, CW2110, CW2111, CW2112, CW2113, CW2114, CW2115, CW2116, CW2117, CW2118, CW2119, CAW211, CAW211A, AW211B, CAW211C, CAW211D, CAW211M, CAW211N, CAW2110, CAW2111, CAW2113, CAW2114, CAW2115, CAW2116, AW2117, CAW2118, CAW2119, WW2110, WW2111, WW2112, WW2113, WW2114, WW2115, WW2116, W2117, WW2118, WW2119, WAW1310, WAW1313, WAW1314, WAW1315, WAW1318, WAW1319, WAW2170, WAW2080, WAW208

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  1. alper

    Thick, sturdy strap. Goes well with my Tag Heuer Monaco and priced well. Thanks!

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Watch Strap Size Chart

Tag Heuer Watch Strap Size Guide

Tag Heuer Watch Strap Band Size Guide. How do I determine what size watch strap I need? What is Lug Width and How Do I Measure It?

The width of a watch strap corresponds to the inner opening of the watch "lugs," known as the lug width.

A standard watch band has a straight end that will fit directly in between the watch lugs. The lug width is simply the internal width measured between the lugs (where the watch strap fits) of the watch. The lugs are located on both ends of the watch case at the 12:00 and the 6:00 positions.

You can find your watch strap size easily on the manufacturer's or watch retailer's website or you can check back of your strap. Likewise, you can measure the lug width easily using a caliper or a household ruler, which usually has a millimeter scale.

 Size  Lug Width  Buckle Width Length
 19mm 19mm 18mm  120/70
20mm 20mm 18mm  120/70
22mm 22mm 20mm  120/70

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Positive feedback rating Great looking band, very thick leather, nice clasp. Fast shipping. Thank You!

Positive feedback rating Schnelle Lieferung,guter Preis! Gerne wieder

Positive feedback rating I love the watch band.. looks amazing with the Monaco. A++ SELLER!!

Positive feedback rating Nice watch band, good quality. Easy transaction and shipped quickly.

Positive feedback rating great ebayer! watch band as advertised. great communication!

Positive feedback rating Great product, clasp lock is audible & solid. Band is well worth the money paid!

Positive feedback rating Great quality and fast shipping! Will do buisness again!!A+++

Positive feedback rating So impressed! It looks great and the quality is surprisingly good at this price

Positive feedback rating Best customer service ever,good quality product,love my straps,100% satisfy

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