Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 Watch Band Strap

Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 Watch Band Strap

Do you need a few accessories advice to look more stylish and elegant in everyday life? Then make room for the luxury watches that are released by Tag Heuer and Swiss’re produced! Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 watch is one of the most preferred models for men who are looking for luxury and a unique watch. Unlike the others, the watch has a square case and it fits perfectly with your sporty and formal combinations. Today, it is possible to buy Tag Heuer and use it for long years. But even if you are not bored with the quality cases of watches, you can get bored with watch band straps over time and you may want to change them. In this case, we welcome you to Dismay to purchase quality Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 watch band strap models that will perfectly match your watches.

Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356

Dismay is a brand that produces 100 percent fit watch band strap models for different luxury watch brands. As Dismay, we produce luxury and affordable watch strap models made of quality leather for your Tag Heuer watches. The products we produce are offered to the market based on the sizes of the original watches. In this way, your watches match perfectly with the repleceable watch band strap products.

General Information About Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 is a watch model with a diameter of 39 mm and made of steel case. In addition, the watch has a reserve power of 40 h and the number of stones is 59. Also, the watch has a waterproof feature. Under this feature, the watch is waterproof up to 100 m. The bezel material of the case, which has sapphire glass, is also steel. Since the watch’s number dial is numberless, it creates a more elegant and minimal style. In addition, the watch has chronograph and calendar functions.

This Tag Heuer watch model has a blue dial section. Also, the finishing of dial is Opalin. The watch’s caseback zone is also preferred in Sapphire – Steel materials for maximum comfort and quality. In general, the functions of the clock can be summarized as follows: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph: 1/4 seconds, 30 minutes counter, Date. The balance frequency value of the watch is 28’800 (4 Hz).

Dismay Tag Heuer Watch Band Strap

So, how to determine Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 watch band size? Tag Heuer CAW211P FC6356 watch band strap models should be 22 mm. Choose the 22mm ones among the replaceable leather watch strap products in our Dismay Tag Heuer watch band category. In this way, our products will be able to fully adapt to your luxury watches. Moreover, on our site, you can find many products suitable for Tag Heuer’s Carrera, Monaco, and Caliber series.

How To Install Watch Band Strap?

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