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Tag Heuer WV2115 Watch Band Strap

Wouldn’t you like to combine your luxury clothes you create with some details with a perfect watch? Then you can easily achieve this with the new generation classic watches offered by the Tag Heuer brand. The Tag Heuer WV2115 model can blend perfectly with your clothing combinations both in business life, social life and on special occasions. Moreover, with its light and minimal design, this watch is even possible for women to use.

This luxury watch can be used for many years without any problems. But even if you are very satisfied with the case of your watch, it is possible that the strap part of the watch wears out over time. You can also get bored with the strap of the watch over time, so you can look for a new alternative that has a more aesthetic or different color. In this case, Tag Heuer WV2115 watch band strap models are presented by Dismay for you.

As Dismay, we produce and sell watch band strap types made of high quality materials for your Tag Heuer WV2115 coded watch. If you want to see and buy the Tag Heuer watch band strap varieties with different sizes and colors, you can browse our products.

General Information About Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer WV2115 is one of the products that draw attention with its classic and timeless design. In addition, the Carrera Caliber 7 model of the product is among the most counted models of the Tag Heuer brand. The product, which has an automatic mechanism, has a GMT automatic caliber. The balance frequency ratio of this watch is determined as 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz). It is also possible to say that the functions of this watch are extremely extensive. Different functions such as Hours – minutes – second, 24 hours hand GMT are seen in the case. The case made of polished steel creates an extremely luxurious look. Furthermore, the dial of the watch is in black.

Tag Heuer WV2115

The case, which has a diameter of 39 mm, is extremely durable and waterproof. The waterproof feature of the product is resistant up to 50 m. In addition, it is necessary to underline that the bezel material of the product is also made of steel. Made of sapphire glass, the product is extremely durable and will not be damaged quickly in any impact.

Dismay Watch Band Products

So, how to determine Tag Heuer WV2115 watch band strap size? If you are looking for a watch band strap product with a hundred percent fit with your watch, definitely choose 22mm options. You can view the 22mm watch band strap types by clicking here and buy them immediately. Our strap models made of quality leather provide perfect integrity with the luxury look of your watches. If you buy more than one strap, you can benefit from additional discounts.

How To Install Your Watch Strap?

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