Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 Watch Band Strap

Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 Watch Band Strap

As one of those who love luxury watches, are you looking for a product that will make you feel comfortable and stylish? So Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 watch can be a very good idea. Tag Heuer, the favorite brand of luxury and classic watch lovers, is coming to people with more ambitious models every day.

If you like sporty style watches and other than ordinary round case looks, the angular case looks catch your attention, the Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 may be for you. Individuals using luxury watches usually want to examine the replaceable watch band options when their watch band begins to wear. However, it is extremely important that the preferred Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 watch band strap also integrates the luxury image.

As Dismay, we produce and offer Tag Heuer CAW211RFC6401 watch band strap types according to maximum quality standards. Our strap models, which have different color options, are both easy to install and can be used for a long time without degrading their quality image.

General Information About Tag Heuer Monaco Watch

Tag Heuer CAW211RFC6401 watch band strap

The product which has the code of Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 has a luxurious look, inspired by the Gulf brand. In the case part of the watch, orange, navy and black colors are used together. For this reason, this watch model suits especially sports combinations. The case of the watch is rectangular.

The watch has a Gulf logo in the case area, which is just below the date dial. This watch, which has a 39 mm case, also has a water resistance feature. Furthermore, with a water pressure of 100 m, your watch is extremely durable. In addition, sapphire – Caseback section with steel material provides maximum comfort.

The dial with Sunray Brushed finishing reinforces the luxury look of the watch. Also, the 40 H power reserve feature allows the watch to work practically for long periods of time without the need for additional batteries. Your watch, which has a 28’800 (4 Hz) balance frequency, has Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph functions.

If you are asking how to determine the Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401, let us give you the answer right away! To get a 100% fit watch band, you should choose 22mm watch strap options!

Dismay Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 Watch Band Strap

As Dismay, we offer Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211RFC6401 watch band straps in blue color. Do not scare about the tone, we are talking about a chic dark blue color! This watch band, made of quality leather, can be used for Carrera, Caliber, Monaco models. The watch, which has Stainless Steel Buckle, has 2.0 ~ 4.0mm approx thickness. In addition, your watch bracelet has a size of 22mm and fits 100% with your original watch.

How To Install Watch Band Strap?

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