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Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C Watch Band Strap

If you want to color your business or vacation clothing combinations using luxury watches, you should choose certain watch brands. For example, Tag Heuer allows you to create timeless elegance with ultra-luxury watch models that men with different styles can prefer. The Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C model watch has been preferred by many people in recent times. Moreover, it especially appeals to men with classic clothing style.

Are you a young men who want to capture a stylish and elegant look in the business environment? Or are you middle-aged men who want to create a richer aesthetic image? Then you can choose the Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C watch. However, the watch strap of your Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C may wear out over time, or even if you love the case part of the watch, you can get bored with the watch strap.

At this point, Dismay comes into play. We, as Dismay, offer you Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C watch band strap models. Our products, made from quality materials, blend perfectly with your luxury watch cases. Our products are produced exactly to the original dimensions and can be easily installed on watch cases.

General Information About Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C

Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C stands out with its extremely stylish and elegant appearance. The color of the case of the watch is Light red gold. In addition, the case structure is seen as round. Moreover, the watch, which has an automatic operation, has also a waterproof feature.

The watch is water resistant up to 100 m pressure. In this way, the number of areas where you can use your watch freely during the day increases. Furthermore, this watch, which has a light red gold colored bezel, has also a sapphire glass. The watch’s dial is brown, and the wristband of the original watch is also brown. Besides, the wristband of the original watch is 22mm. If you want to exchange repleceable watch band straps, don’t forget to choose the options which are 22 mm in size. In this way, you can get a hundred percent fit image.

You can recreate the look of your watch by choosing the Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C watch band strap models. This luxury watch has different functions such as Chronograph, Calendar, Tachometer.

Dismay Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C Watch Band Straps

How to determine Tag Heuer Carrera CAV514C Watch Band Straps size? Very easily! You can buy 22mm watch band options by clicking here. So, what kind of features do we offer you in the straps we produce?

This watch band model, made of quality leather, features Stainless Steel Buckle. Our product with 120 mm / 75 mm band lengh has a thickness of approximately 2.0 ~ 4.0mm. In addition, our watch bracelet is available in dark blue.

Complete the purchase to take advantage of the 2-3 days delivery option for USA now!

How To Install Watch Band Strap?

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